Michael Stosic


 Michael Stosic entered into the Gospel/Christian music world in 1986 when he wrote and recorded his first Contemporary Christian album titled “Brand New Love”, which became an instant hit with listeners on the West Coast due to play in Seattle Washington from Spirit 105.3FM KCMS Radio. Three of Michael's songs from that album were entered into the Christian Artists International Songwriting Competition and all three songs finished in the Top 10. Then Michael's song "Surrender" won the KCMS Peoples Choice awards in Seattle. Michael was then selected as one of the Top 16 New Christian Artists in the Country by Praise Ministries in Los Angeles and was invited to perform with Pat and Debbie Boone at the Anaheim Convention Center for Praise Celebration 87.

He continues to use the gifts that God has given him by writing and recording new music each year and singing for different events such as The Nevada House of Prayer doing worship sets weekly, and giving back to his community by singing at Life Care Center of Reno Nursing Home.

Michael has had a heart for the homeless for many years and sings every Thursday afternoon for the homeless and working poor in his hometown of Reno when in town at Barbara Bennett Park where he works with a group called Loaves and Fishes since 2014. They put on a complete church service for the homeless, rain or shine (or snow),  where Michael leads worship for them and then they feed the people a hot meal.

In the Fall of 2014 Michael Stosic began as the Worship Leader for Loaves & Fishes; The Church Without Walls.  Every Thursday Michael arrived at our outside location and set up his equipment.  Our schedule includes arrival and set-up, greeting attendees, offering individual prayer and guidance, having a prayer circle for all to join, worship, the delivery of God’s word, followed by dinner for all attendees.  The first week of each month communion is offered; the third week of each month is personal testimony day; the fourth week of each month is set aside for a guest speaker or prophecy teaching; if there is a fifth week in a month, in-depth expository teaching is given. 

"Michael has been an intricate part of successful performance each week and is a Board Director for Loaves & Fishes 501(c)3 where he offers valuable insight given to him by God, direction and always needed, prayer.  Michael’s kindness and compassion for our homeless and the poor in our community is worn on his shoulders as it is not uncommon for him to go above and beyond as God calls us to do.  Many times he has given the shoes on his feet and the coat from his back, to someone who was in need.  It is evident that his life is a reflection of Jesus, in service and love.

Michael is very humble and truly a blessing to everyone who knows him.  We are grateful that God answered our prayers and sent to us, this, worship leader whom we have the pleasure to watch his growth and the blessings that are poured on him."

Your Brother in Jesus,

Pastor James G Wilson; President


Soon after the release of his debut Christian album, Stosic’s second album “Symphony of Praise” reached listeners all across America and 118 other countries including Communist China. The success and response to Michael Stosic’s songs in the Christian music world became evident to him after the release of his third studio album “Psalms of the Heart” in 1992 receiving letters and phone calls from fans across America who gave him praise for his music.

A decade after the release “Psalms of the Heart”, Stosic was invited to Zimbabwe to put on concerts for the people; touring the land and even making a stop to sing for children at an orphanage. Upon returning back home to the United States, he was saddened to receive a call from the pastor running the orphanage informing him that 3 of the children he had interacted with had passed away from malnutrition. Being overwhelmed by the heaviness of the news, Michael decided to get more involved with the country of Zimbabwe and the children that live there. He soon teamed up with the Indiana based non-profit organization Feeding The Nations and The River Christian Church in Reno, with their help he took part in getting a shipment of 286,000 meals sent to Zimbabwe for the people in need.


In 2016, Michael continued his musical voyage. After tracking for his 9th album, called "Welcome Home" he joined MetroSonic Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Given the task to Mix and Master the album, MetroSonic set out on capturing the true essence of the emotions Michael tries to convey through his lyrics.

Throughout the Mixing and Mastering process one thing about Michael became more and more evident: he pours all of his passion into his music. With songs about losing loved ones, the bond between his, and the horrible events that took place at the Emmanuel Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina; Michael has truly put all of his emotion and heart into this album.

2016 was a banner year for Michael after releasing his emotionally charged album "Welcome Home." From this album Michael's song "Thirty-Nine Years" made the Country Bear Radio Top 100 Songs For 2016 Chart at #88. The same song made the Roots Music Report Top 150 True Country Song Chart for 2016 at #20 and Michael's album "Welcome Home" finished at #26 in the Roots Music Report Top 100 True Country Album Chart for 2016.

In November 2016 Michael released his new single "I Believe" (Gospel Re-mix). Michael was joined by Grammy-Award nominated singer/songwriter Gordon Chambers on this powerful song written by Michael with a stunning production by producer Pete Mignola of Metrosonic Studios in New York. I Believe debuted in the Top 20 in both Christian and Country Music Downloads and Streams from radio stations through Play MPE radio distribution and was in the Top 100 Weekly Christian Songs in 2017 through Sort Hits Radio Charts.

1. December 2nd 2016, "I Believe" (Gospel Remix)" was #13 in the Country Top 20 Stream Chart

2. December 4th 2016, "I Believe (Gospel Remix)" was #11 in the Christian Top 20 Stream Chart.

From the artist: "I wrote I Believe just after losing my father a few years ago. I felt that I needed to start writing about the most important things and people in my life and my faith has always been important to me and what helped me get through that time. I just wanted to simply state my faith as to what I believe in, God and his Son, the cross and forgiveness. Then because of my faith I also wanted to convey that I believe in love, at a time when there had been such hatred and racial tension in the world I wanted to say "I believe in love no matter our color of skin I believe we are one."

After recording the basic tracks at my studio in Reno I went to Brooklyn, New York to have Pete Mignola of MetroSonic Studios mix, master and produce my song. I was so honored to have Gordon Chambers become a part of my recording. He put together a wonderful vocal arrangement with some great background singers and Gordon himself doing an amazing vocal improv at the end of the song. It reminded me of a song on his album "Sincere" called "A Song For You" written by Leon Russell. It was initially just Gordons vocals and piano, very intimate and emotional and at the end these lovely singers joined him bringing power and emotion and lifted the song to new heights, just like he did on my song I Believe. The performance Gordon and the singers did on my song makes you feel that we are all in this together, that they feel the same way I do, that in fact, we all believe in love.


2017 was a tremendous year for Michael! January 17th he was nominated for the 2017 New Music Awards as the AC New Artist of the Year! The New Music Awards are from New Music Weekly Magazine out of Nashville, Tennessee.

He released several singles for the year, all doing extremely well charting in the Top 20 Stream and Download Charts through Daily Play MPE radio distribution charting songs in the Christian, Country and Adult Contemporary Genres:

1. April 2nd 2017, "He's Alive" was #12 in the Christian Top 20 Stream Chart.

2. May 26th 2017, "Gospel Train" was #17 in the Country Top 20 Stream Chart 

3. May 28th 2017, "Gospel Train" was  #12 in the Christian Top 20 Stream Chart.

4. June 18th 2017, "Teach My Children Well" was #5 in the Christian Top 20 Stream Chart.

5. September 11th 2017, "San Juan Island" was #3 in the Adult Contemporary Top 10 Stream Chart.

6. November 5th 2017, "The Best Gift" at #2 in the Christian Top 20 Stream Chart.


Self-released as a single in May of 2017, Gospel Train had been downloaded by over 1,900 radio stations world-wide. His song debuted in both Country and Christian Top 20 Stream Chart for radio through Daily Play MPE.

Here is what some of the program directors said about Michael's single Gospel Train.

"Stosic is definitely going places" / "Slick sounding tune, very good musicians."

"Looking forward to hearing more of his music." / "Awesome! Thank you for the introduction."

"Bravissimo! Will put the single on our June playlist." / "On board with this release, thank you, loved it."

"Vocals are top notch." / "Great vocals, direct and to the point." / "Building quite a following here in England."

"Charting in the Top 50." / "Now we're talking  this guy is awesome." / "One of my favorite acts to come my way in a long time."

June 30th 2017 Michael re-released his emotionally charged adult contemporary album "Welcome Home" to great reviews after re-recording, remixing and remastering it, featuring his first single "San Juan Island."  Michael's music video "San Juan Island" has been accepted for entry in the Friday Harbor Film Festival and can be seen on YouTube right now.

San Juan Island was released to radio July 25th. Nearly 2,200 radio stations around the world have downloaded San Juan Island for airplay. The new single debuted at #5 on July 31rst and rose to #3 in the Top 10 Adult Contemporary Chart on Daily Play MPE for radio on September 11th and was in the Top 10 for four weeks along side artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Pat Benatar, The Rolling Stones, Joan Jett and Amy Jack.

Some of the radio programmer comments regarding Michael's song San Juan Island:

Song of the summer / Amazing tune, I absolutely loved it

I love this song... will air asap / Very 70's in vibe...James Taylor

One of the best songs I've heard in a long time / Now this is A/C music at it's finest

He is quickly becoming my favorite indie artist / His songwriting on this tune is amazing

Checked out his new CD lots of great music on there / Loads of airplay on this one, thank you

Listeners are really taking to this tune, most likely will chart

What an amazing artist. Will definitely keep a closer eye out for him / can't get enough of this song

December 14th, 2017 Michael's Country Gospel song "Walk The Walk" finished at #80 in the Country Bear Radio  Top 100 Songs for 2017.

December 25th, Michael placed three songs in the Top 100 Christian Songs for 2017 by Sort Hits Radio Tracker. Michael's song "He's Alive" was #13, "Gospel Train" was #21  and his song "Teach My Children Well" was #25.


Michael self released his first single of the year, "He Will Reign Forever" from his I Believe album, February 6, 2018 to radio through Play MPE Radio Distribution. In it's first week the song debuted at #19 in the Christian Top 20 Download Chart and at #19 in the Christian Top 20 Stream Chart. 

November 1, 2018 Michael released his new Contemporary Christian album called The Foot of the Cross, which is available on iTunes and Amazon on Demand for CD purchases. Michael is very excited about his new album The Foot of the Cross. It is a very uplifting and inspiring album with ten new original songs by Michael, with messages of hope and love as we go along life's journey together.



The first single from the album was released Monday October 22nd and is called "On That Day." This is a song Michael wrote about the loved ones he's lost along the way, his daughter Georgia and his father. It is a song about his Christian faith and hope that on that day (of his final breath) he'll be reunited with them and all his family and friends who have gone before him. It is also a call to make sure you tell the ones you love now that you love them as none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Available on iTunes November 1.

On That Day debuted at #8 in the Christian Top 20 Stream Chart and #13 in the Christian Top 20 Download Chart.